We use 100% of the coffee cherry!

Our products

Hi world!

Pixels World Wide SA is a start-up aiming to reduce waste streams in the coffee industry. Where traditionally the pulp of the coffee fruit - cascara - is considered a simple byproduct, Pixels uses it as the basic ingredient for its portfolio of new revolutionary products.

Next to the edible coffee bar called CASCOA, our products are available in syrups (ideal for caffeine infused cocktails), nibbles (ideal for baking and pastry) and bulk (blocks of 2,5kg or more). For larger orders we are also available to deliver our goods under the format of white/private label. Just reach out to us and we can help you to get things sorted out!

We were founded in 2020 by a team of eager do-ers and experienced entrepreneurs such as Gunter Pauli and Olivier Monin. This way we have the incredible combination of newly gained book knowledge and of witty wisdom!

Currently we are based in Lausanne, Switzerland; buy and process all our ingredients in Colombia at farmers' level; and transform our bulk product into the necessary format at our partner Daniel Mercier's facility in France, not too far away from the Swiss border.

Feel free to have a look around, spread the word of our existence, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you should have any questions, remarks, or ideas!

All the best,

Laurenz-Frederik Pauli

co-founder & general manager

The logo of CASCOA is based on the sun setting at the horizon, where each letter symbolises a ray of light. It tells you the story of the impact a single coffee cherry, let's say the sun in our midst, can have.

Our name Pixels is derived from the fact that we are seen as an unconventional member of the coffee industry that tries to create change. We are that one pixel in the screen of coffee that does not work according to the rules, and cannot be unseen.

Please do follow us ons Instagram for more regular updates on who we are, what we are doing and where we want to be in the future!


the mindful coffee bar full of future

”This is SOOOOO good guys! It is made of coffee ☕️ obviously 😜”

Julia Dimitru, Sept. 2021

”The coffee bar tastes floral and bitter at the same time: first you get the buttery mouthfeel of chocolate, then the punch of a high quality fruity coffee. What you don't taste is that the energy snack is vegan, gluten-free and organic. And that it is made of residues from the production of coffee and cocoa. Hats off.”

SABATO Magazine, Nov. 2020

”A forgotten superfood! What a taste, what a product!”

Christopher Wasserman, July 2021

”I love coffee, I adore dark chocolate - this is like coming home! Hehe”

Laurenz-Frederik Pauli, June 2021

”Just like wine, coffee can offer an experience for connoisseurs. And that transformation could change the life of millions of coffee farmers. The taste and the concept are simply brilliant: congratulations!”

ED Magazine, July 2021

”It tastes like a #darkespresso, yet it feels like a #chocolatebar. Very cute bar and a great #espressoonthego!”

Minni FoodReview, Dec. 2020

”When you bite the chocolate, the taste spreads like a fire in your mouth! Perfect as a partner for your coffee, coffee lovers!”

CoffeeTime.London, Nov. 2021

”I already suggested my clients! :) After I checked the ingredients, that was the first thing I did. The taste is amazing!”

Dietitian Merve Cimen, Oct. 2021

"CASCOA is a truly a mindful dose of caffeine and brain-boosting antioxidants, packed together for long-lasting energy and focus. To make this mouth-melting snack, you combine coffee fruit with cocoa butter and a dash of spices. Incredible!"

Anonymous mail, March 2022