Vegan and gluten-free. Rich in fibers, filled with natural fats, contains 50mg of caffeine, packed with nutritious and healthy antioxidants

Meet Our Suppliers

By producing and processing our ingredients locally, we ensure two crucial things. First, we put our money where it matters most—with our suppliers. Second, we guarantee our ingredients' quality and nutritional density at the source. That’s how we make bars that aren’t just good for you, but for everyone involved.


Hacienda el Roble

Cooperative of cocoa farmers

We’re currently partnering with Hacienda el Roble, a coffee farm located near Mesa de Los Santos in the stunning Santander region of Colombia. This cafetero, one of the country’s most experienced producers, makes the premium coffee beans and cascara cherries we use for our CASCOA bars. 

For cocoa beans, we collaborate directly with a local cooperative of Colombian farmers. These small-scale producers have been cultivating cocoa for generations and provide us with raw ingredients of the highest quality. We locally press the beans and make our cocoa butter in a designated facility in Medellin, Colombia.