Vegan and gluten-free. Rich in fibers, filled with natural fats, contains 50mg of caffeine, packed with nutritious and healthy antioxidants

Your solid caffeine kick

CASCOA looks like chocolate. It even feels like chocolate—firm and solid at room temperature, silky and smooth on your tongue. But it's solid caffeine, and as such, it doesn’t quite taste like chocolate.

The CASCOA bar combines flavour notes of black coffee, dark chocolate, nuts, and dried fruit with a lingering, grapefruit-like twang. Just like your morning lungo.

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    Box of 20 bars
    Box of 20 bars

    Box of 20 bars

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  • Meet Our Suppliers

    Meet Our Suppliers

    By producing and processing our ingredients locally, we ensure two crucial things. First, we put our money where it matters most—with our suppliers. Second, we guarantee our ingredients' quality and nutritional density at the source. That’s how we make bars...

  • As natural as they come

    As natural as they come

    A bar that boosts your energy must be packed with sugar, right? Wrong. CASCOA contains only five ingredients, and they’re as natural as your morning shower. All it takes is cocoa butter, coffee beans, a dash of salt, a sprinkling...

  • The CASCOA effect

    The CASCOA effect

    Each CASCOA bar contains 50 mg of caffeine. That’s about the same as a shot of espresso. But it doesn’t work quite the same way. The caffeine in a CASCOA bar is absorbed entirely by the cacao butter. That means...