Vegan and gluten-free. Rich in fibers, filled with natural fats, contains 50mg of caffeine, packed with nutritious and healthy antioxidants

Leaving the world better than we found it

Forget robots and flying cars. The future will be defined by a new way of doing honest business that pledges to protect and honour the planet. At CASCOA, we’re ready to do our part.

Turning trash into treasure

The cascara cherry is considered a waste product in the traditional coffee industry. By using the entire fruit, we eliminate waste and create new streams of income for coffee farmers. 

Furthermore we can proudly say that our main ingredients are locally processed at farmers' level. This means that the added-value creation traditionally taking place outside of the coffee growing countries, is now equally shared with the ones who need it the most. 

On top, this solution to a waste management problem allows us to increase local employment rates.

No plastic in sight

We only collaborate with farmers and suppliers who eliminate plastic throughout the entire production chain and work with 100% organic materials.

From bean to bar, we do not want our products to touch any chemicals! 

Investing in ecosystems

To give back to the planet, CASCOA invests in agroforestry. We support our farmers in enriching their plantations with a wide variety of trees and greenery to develop vibrant ecosystems that are teeming with life. 

Increasing biodiversity is a must, with focus on the stabilisation of bee populations, and the re-introduction of multiple plant species.


  • Meet Our Suppliers

    Meet Our Suppliers

    By producing and processing our ingredients locally, we ensure two crucial things. First, we put our money where it matters most—with our suppliers. Second, we guarantee our ingredients' quality and nutritional density at the source. That’s how we make bars...

  • As natural as they come

    As natural as they come

    A bar that boosts your energy must be packed with sugar, right? Wrong. CASCOA contains only five ingredients, and they’re as natural as your morning shower. All it takes is cocoa butter, coffee beans, a dash of salt, a sprinkling...

  • The CASCOA effect

    The CASCOA effect

    Each CASCOA bar contains 50 mg of caffeine. That’s about the same as a shot of espresso. But it doesn’t work quite the same way. The caffeine in a CASCOA bar is absorbed entirely by the cacao butter. That means...