CASCOA — a hearty snack made out of the fruit of the coffee cherry - cascara, roasted coffee beans and cacao butter. Our snack is vegan, packed with antioxidants and filled with caffeine!

Benefits for you?

Next to being mind boosting and concentration empowering due to the great ingredients, CASCOA is a healthy alternative for energy drinks and energy bars!
It is also an efficient form of caffeine, since it is completely absorbed by cacao butter! This not only creates a feeling of smoothness in the mouth, it also makes sure that the caffeine is slowly digested throughout the whole intestines, resulting in an up to 4hours effect. In other words, no more peak and jitters after drinking too much coffee!
Furthermore this bars offers your daily dose of caffeine packed into a convenient sleeve that you can use whenever and wherever you feel like. No more waiting in line at the barista, no more spilling at your desk. Simply eat the bar and throw away the biodegradable packaging!


Benefits for the farmer?

CASCOA has an impact on multiple levels:
  • Economical: we use the entire coffee cherry. What is considered a waste in the traditional coffee industry, is the product for us. By selling this cascara in addition to the coffee bean, the farmer is offered a substantial increase in income. We work with what we already have!
  • Social: we create local job opportunities at farmer’s level, since we process all premier materials locally. No more creating added value outside of the farmer's country! 
  • Ecological: we only work with farmers that are 100% organic, that do not use plastics throughout the whole production chain, and that are eliminating monoculture and are taking care of their native forrest by planting trees!