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Box of 8 bars

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CASCOA is a hearty snack made out of the fruit of the coffee cherry - cascara, roasted coffee beans and organic cacao butter. Our edible bar is vegan, packed with antioxidants, dietary fibers and natural saturated fats. Even more, it is filled with no less than 50mg of caffeine!

To make this mouth-melting bar, we reunite roasted coffee beans with the lesser-known fruit of the coffee - two parts of the same resource making sure we use 100% of the coffee cherry! 

By using this cascara, we do not only provide a rich source of antioxidants to our clients, but we also generate a new income stream for our coffee farmers. We believe that sustainability should cover everyone’s needs - the user, the farmer & the environment - so what is considered waste in the traditional coffee industry, is the ingredient for our product. 



CASCOA brings a unique and unprecedented flavour experience! 

Texture wise, CASCOA will be very similar to high-quality chocolate. Yet, imagine eating a chocolate that actually is not cocoa, but simply 100% made from coffee. It is solid at room temperature, and once it touches your tongue it quickly melts into a smooth and silky experience.

Since we use the whole coffee cherry, the flavour is truly deep, fruity and rich.

Flavour notes: coffee, dark chocolate, nuts and hints of dried fruit.

Aftertaste: long lasting coffee with a grapefruit-like bitterness.



CASCOA is a unique mix of caffeine, antioxidants, and natural fats that deliver clean energy, just enough to stay alert and focused for up to 4 hours!

Remember - CASCOA is a source of caffeine, so treat it with the same respect as coffee or any other caffeinated product!

So, what's special about CASCOA?

Next to being mind boosting and concentration empowering due to the great ingredients, CASCOA is a healthy alternative for energy drinks and energy bars!

It is also an efficient form of caffeine, since the caffeine is completely absorbed by the cacao butter! This not only creates a feeling of smoothness in the mouth, it also makes sure that the caffeine is steadily digested throughout the stomach and the whole intestines, resulting in a slow release and beneficial slow burning energy. In other words, a longer effect and no more peaks and jitters after drinking too much coffee!

Furthermore, this bar offers your daily dose of caffeine packed into a convenient sleeve that you can use whenever and wherever you feel like. No more waiting in line at the barista, no more spilling behind your desk. Simply eat the bar and throw away the biodegradable packaging!


It takes only 5 ingredients to make CASCOA: coffee cherries, coffee beans, cocoa butter, sugar and a twist of salt. 

Currently, we are all partnered up with Hacienda el Roble, an amazing coffee farm located in the beautiful Santander region in Colombia. This experienced cafetero provides us with our especially processed cascara, and with high quality roasted coffee beans. 

Next to this, we make our own cocoa butter! The beans themselves are grown by multiple smaller Colombian farmers forming a cooperative. The process of pressing those beans into butter, is done by us in a newly designed facility. 

By processing all ingredients locally and producing at the source, we want to make sure that all added-value generation is equally shared with the ones that need it the most: our suppliers and partners in this story, the coffee farmers. This way we can also guarantee that the ingredients are at their peak nutritional density and have the best flavours. 

Concerning the sugar and salt, it is both sourced in Colombia as well!